What to include in your foster child's life book

· Fostering 101

Maintaining a life book for your foster child is an important job of a foster parent.⁠

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It is a book to keep track of milestones and moments so that when the child returns home, the time is not lost. ⁠

Think about their mom and dad - they may not be able to see and experience first steps, birthday parties, graduations. And for the child, as they get older, they may want these photos for their own nostalgic purposes. ⁠

Here is what I recommend including: ⁠

📙 Including photos of the child participating in their favorite activities and the adventures you go on together as a family⁠

📙 Information about milestones (and photos!) ⁠

📙 Family group photos with the foster family and bio family (if possible) ⁠

📙 I recommend including a letter from YOU to the child when they return home. Send your well wishes, your hopes, and your love. I also always let the child know that I am there for them if they ever need me in the future. ⁠

What do you include in your life books? I would love to hear! ⁠