Getting Too Attached to Foster Children

"I'm worried about getting too attached." ⁠

Don't let fear stop you from becoming a foster parenting or saying "yes" to a child. ⁠

The reality is, if you have a working relationship with the child's family and you attend court, you will have a sense as to what is going on, and it's less likely to be completely blind-sided. You will likely have a sense of family being considered, where the family is at with their case plan, and other considerations for reunification.⁠

Of course, foster care is a roller coaster, and things can take a wild turn at any moment. With a strong support system, you can get through it. I always recommend finding a local foster parent support group, so you have a community that can really understand what you are going through. ⁠

And, if at the end of the day, it is too hard for your heart, you can decide to only foster older kids and support them as they emancipate or age out. You can also switch to adoption matches only, or even switch to only doing respite care. ⁠

There are many ways to foster and help a child and family. Don't let attachment stand in your way. A child out there needs you, yes YOU!⁠





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