My favorite Back-to-School products

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It's back to school time! 

Besides school supplies and tech, here are some other considerations to buy for your foster kid as they head back to school!

(Note: I may receive a small commission for recommending these products, but this is at no additional cost to you!)

A label maker - Label everything! Remember, foster kids can be more attached it physical items than kids who haven't experienced trauma or neglect. 

Mini hand sanitizers - And don't forget to tell your child when to use it. Keep these in their backpacks, lunch, and in the car.

Outfit organizers - This is a great way to empower your children to get organized and choose their outfits. It can also keep things organized and easy for children with disabilities. 

Fidgets on keychains - Get the minis so you can attach them to backpacks, lunchboxes, and even hoodies. 

Disposable Kids Masks - Go ahead and grab the cute fabric ones, but don't forget some disposables to throw in the backpack just in case. You never know when a mask is forgotten at home or gets dirty at school!

Luncbox Notes - This is such an easy (and important) way to connect with your foster child during the day. Even if the child doesn't know how to read, you can draw a picture of something cute you know they will love. It's an easy way to show them you are thinking of them while they are away from home.

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