Must have apps for Foster Parents

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Here are the must-have apps for foster parents!

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Published by the CDC, this is a great way to evaluate your foster child's development. The best part is they have videos that show you how to assess properly in your home. It's important to understand your foster child's developmental progress to properly advocate for services. 

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Inexpensive monthly prints right from your phone. Perfect for your foster child's lifebook, framing and displaying in your home, or sharing with their family! 

I also include some photos in the kids' lunchbox so they know that we are thinking of them when they are at school.

📱 Moshi Sleep

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This is an incredible tool to help kids fall asleep or feel calm. We use the sleep stories for ages 

4-7. They usually zone out and fall asleep within 15 minutes. 

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Create a Google Voice phone number that you can give to bio parents. The calls will forward directly to your cell phone, so you do not have to share your personal cell phone with your foster child's parents. The added bonus is their parents can text this number, too!

📱 Notes app on your iPhone (Tiny Scanner if you don't have an iPhone)

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This is pre-loaded onto your iPhone, but you may not know that you can use it to SCAN your documents and easily email to your foster child's professional team. 

When I didn't have an iPhone, I used the Tiny Scanner app!

What do you love to use?