5 Documents to Post in Your Foster Care Home

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As a foster parent, you need to have a lot of documentation posted for everyone to see (yourself, your foster child, any professionals coming to your home), or available for quick access.⁠

Here are five documents not to forget to post or have on hand (depending on what your county requires)! ⁠

📰 The placement paperwork that indicates the child is in your care⁠

📰 Your license! Make sure the most current one is posted and it is not expired.⁠

📰 A facility sketch of your home ⁠

📰 An evacuation plan in case of emergency. And don't forget to do emergency drills with your foster children! ⁠

📰 A contact list for the child's professional team, as well as safety contacts (hospital, fire department, poison control, etc.) is critical to have posted for easy reference.⁠

Of course, every agency and county requires something different, so check with your local licensing agency! ⁠