You need this book! A Terrible Thing Happened

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Are you a foster parent? You need this book! 📘⁠⁠


A Terrible Thing Happened⁠⁠

Book by Margaret Holmes⁠⁠

Illustrated by Cary Pillo ⁠⁠

Afterword by Sasha J. Mudlaff⁠⁠


As foster parents, we handle tricky conversations and situations with children in our care on a DAILY basis. This book is an incredible tool to get a conversation started with the child or to help them feel at ease that they aren't alone.⁠⁠


This is about Sherman who witnessed something terrible, and he thinks about it a lot. His mood and behaviors are impacted. Ultimately, he ends up getting to know a trusted adult, drawing about it, and telling the trusted adult what he saw. Afterwards, he feels relief. ⁠⁠


It also has some great suggestions to parents in the back of the book on how to talk to the child and what to do. ⁠⁠


I have literally read this book to every foster child. I recommend previewing ALL trauma-related books before you buy.

Here is a readalong: 


What books do you like to read to your foster children? I want to hear from you!⁠⁠

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