Questions to ask when a social worker calls about a new child

· Fostering 101

I know this post is dense, but give it a save and refer back!⁠⁠


When the social worker calls, it's easy to get overwhelmed with emotion! You may forget to ask really important questions that will dictate if you are the right fit for this child. ⁠⁠


There is a chance that the social worker does not know the answers to these questions or does not want to disclose specifics of the case. ⁠⁠


So I recommend deciding ahead of time where your comfort level is. Don't just say yes because you feel bad for the child. We feel bad for EVERY child in the system!⁠⁠


The reality is, you may not be a good fit for this child and their family. AND THAT IS OK! But it's better to say NO than to risk a child joining you and having to put in notice to remove the child (= MORE TRAUMA). ⁠⁠


I'm here in support for when you say yes, and when you say no.💛⁠⁠


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