Don't forget to do these things when someone visits your foster home!

· Fostering 101

It can feel like a revolving door at your home sometimes, especially with a new foster child. ⁠

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Don't forget to take these steps EVERY time a professional visits. This includes: ⁠

- Social workers⁠

- Attorneys or their investigators⁠

- Anyone from the department of child and family services⁠

- Therapists or service providers ⁠

Ask to: ⁠

☑️ See their badge or ID for safety purposes - YES - there is a (small) chance that someone could pose as someone else to have access to the child⁠

☑️ Request their business card, so you can get all of their contact info⁠

☑️ Have them sign in to your visitor log (this is typically required for foster parents to track who visits the child)⁠

☑️ Take notes and send a follow up email with outstanding questions or summarizing decisions that were made⁠

PRO TIP: Stack these appointments so multiple professionals come at the same time. Otherwise, you could find you spend all your time in meetings.