5 surprising home inspection requirements

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Did you know about these? 👀⁠

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While every county and agency requires different things, these were some of the items that surprised me when preparing for our foster care home inspection.⁠

🏠 Every window needed a screen, and the screen could not have a rip or hole⁠

🏠 The table needed to be large enough to seat all members of the family for meals⁠

🏠 Each child will go home with a life book (scrapbook of photos) or memory box⁠

🏠 You need a locking box or a locked drawer in the fridge for medication ⁠

🏠 All rooms in your home, pool, additions, etc., need to have proper permits ⁠

What surprised you during the inspection process? I'd love to hear your experiences! ⁠