• Support by State

    This is truly a labor of love - for you!
    Thank you for your interest, care, concern, and compassion toward the kids in foster care and their families.

    I've compiled a list of supports for foster parents, organized by state. These lists include: Facebook support groups, foster closets, and other general supports for your state. I have found that these localized supports are critical to understanding the system and best advocating for the child in your care, while also finding opportunities for self-care, expression, and even respite.


    Important Note: I have not personally vetted these groups. I am human :) But if you find that a group is not listed properly, not child-centered or trauma-informed, or is no longer in service, please email me so I may correct it and keep this list accurate.


    Page updated: Feb 2024

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  • Important Info about Facebook Groups

    Because it's still the internet!

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    Don't assume privacy

    Even though the groups are "private," you are still not allowed to post photos of the foster child's face.


    People will sometimes screenshot posts & comments and reshare to public platforms like Instagram or Tiktok

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    You won't ever know the audience

    Do not assume that there are no social workers or bio families in the group.


    If you are breaking a rule, you will get reported.

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    Don't share specifics

    Do not share personal details about the foster child's case, this can get you into legal trouble.


    Always talk in general terms.

  • What are Foster Parent Facebook groups for?

    Specific information and support for your area

    Local foster parent Facebook groups are incredibly helpful to get support and learn how to navigate the system, services, and courts

    Find resources and help

    In this group, you may find respite care, supplies for a new child, babysitters, certified visit monitors, etc.

    In some groups, people will also post about kids they are trying to find a home for.

    Information about community events, programs and benefits for foster families

    You can also get additional information on special programs and opportunities for foster youth. There are many local discounts and free offerings for foster families, or even job opportunities for foster kids.